Sunday, August 28, 2005


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Illustration MUNDO---

I noticed that there were many catch-all design portals .. and great ones at that ... portals that have inspired me for many years .. portals that provided information about design, photography, art, interactive, illustration, film, literature, etc .. but as I made the career transition from an art director to an illustrator I wanted to find a site specifically dedicated to commercial illustration with in depth information and a way to communicate easily with other illustrators. I wanted to find a site that was all about illustration and nothing else .. a site that I could think of as "THE ILLUSTRATION SITE", but there wasn't a site so I decided to create a centralized location that would be purely dedicated to this purpose ... a FREE community based site about Illustrators and the commercial illustration industry.

-Nate Williams (n8w)

Tiny Showcase-

Tiny Showcase was created by Jon Buonaccorsi and Shea'la Finch in November of 2004.

We are lucky enough to be surrounded by a group of friends who are amazing and talented people.

We started thinking that it would be really nice if we could create a forum and community where all of this incredible talent could be showcased. Pricing was an issue - most of our friends aren't exactly rich, so we began exploring a smaller medium where the artist could make some money on smaller pieces of artwork. The art enthusiast, on the other hand, gets to take home their piece of artwork for around the same price as a CD, book or record...

Scott Teplin

Wednesday, August 10, 2005