Monday, January 30, 2006


Carol Rama-

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SAVE gocco!!!!!!!

japanese fans have enjoyed using "print gocco" for over 25 years. as such, interest in the system has run it's course in japan. outside japan, however, a ground swell of appreciation for the "print gocco" system has only just begun. those of us who've known gocco a short time are understandably saddened by riso's decision to discontinue manufacturing the "print gocco" system due to stagnant sales in their home market.

yes, the rumors you may have heard are true, gocco is "going out of print." but maybe it's not too late if we all work together to find a new home for gocco outside japan!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Kerry Kate


Ernst Haecke

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Foi Jimenez Jurado


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Updates---"check out some new work in the paintings section and also check out the newly added sculpture section."

Sunday, January 15, 2006

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Anthony May


HANG ART is fresh art. We scour the San Francisco Bay Area to find exceptional artists--giving you access to a wide variety of the best quality original artwork being produced today. Whether you like abstract art or landscapes--painting or sculpture--art for your home or for a business space, you'll find a large selection of fine art on the Web site or in our two galleries in the Union Square area of San Francisco--whether on display or in our inventory room.

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Kim Scott

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Thorina Rose

Elizabeth McGrath-"Altarwise by Owl-Light"