Thursday, May 29, 2008

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Proteus Magazine - Submissions

PROTEUS MAG is always accepting submissions.

We encourage all photographers, painters, sculptors, graphic designers, fashion designers, illustrators, and all other creative types to submit your work to Proteus Mag. Proteus Mag is a place where all creative individuals can flex their creative muscles.

Artists can submit 5 or more images for review. Not everything submitted will be published. Images can be submitted in jpg, pdf, or tiff formats at 150 dpi or greater (300 dpi is ideal). All artists retain the copyright to their work. Proteus Mag is strictly an online publication, and is available as a free PDF download at

Magazine Dimensions: 8.5" (width) X 11" (height)
E-mailed submissions must not exceed 5MB. You may send multiple e-mails if needed.
All submissions must include a completed copy of the ART SUBMISSION FORM.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Joshua Ellingson

Joshua Ellingson started out by selling self published books at comics conventions in the Detroit area. After moving to the West Coast, he found his calling in commercial illustration. These days, Joshua contributes artwork regularly to various national and international publications. His work has been featured on everything from handheld games to gallery walls. His work is vivid, humorous, and sometimes dark. Much of it touches upon machinery, technology and visions of the future. Joshua can still be found selling his art at various comics conventions around the country.

Martha Sue

Martha Sue grew up the only child of metalwork artists in a small house in the outskirts of Tucson, AZ. The flora and fauna of the Sonoran Desert gave her an eye for the strange and wondrous in nature. She moved to the Bay Area in the early nineties to attend CCA and graduated with a degree in Film/Video and Painting. Since then, her works on paper and sculpture have been exhibited in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Montreal. She continues to work in a wide range of media including animation, drawing, painting and most notably, fabric sculpture. Martha Sue lives in San Francisco with her husband Jim and works out of her studio in Potrero Hill. She is currently working towards a February 2008 solo show in the Lab's Front Gallery.


Noferin is the collaboration of two parallel minds: that of Candy and Nicho.

Trained as a Graphic Designer – BDes (VisComm); BvisComm (First Class Hons) – Candy possesses an acute understanding of solid design principles. She brings these skills into her paintings; a medium that she finds to be more expressive and free.

Studying an Environmental Science degree, Nicho spends every spare moment developing the world of Noferin in a literary sense and through wooden sculpture.

Together, they delve into the whimsical world of Carrara Island and its inhabitants – meshing the fine art, design and literary worlds together in a complete and unique package.

The world of Noferin is populated by lustrous imagery in the form of acrylic painting on wood, illustration, stories and three-dimensional wooden sculptural pieces. Much inspiration comes from the natural environment. The ocean, islands, trees, exotic plants, the weather and certain unseen elements of the natural environment feature heavily in Noferin’s work.

Our world is a living environment that grows everyday. At first, we were shaping and creating the boundaries of Carrara Island, but now the world is so vivid and real to us that our role has changed from creator to story-teller. We are the vessels for telling the stories of Carrara Island and the unique characters that call it home. Noferin wishes to take the audience on a journey of discovery that uncovers something new and quite magical with each chapter of this perpetual narrative.

Michael Mullaney

The drawings completed between 2002-2004 are built up with rich layers of acrylic paint, watercolor, oilstick, graphite, pencil, and wax. Through the process of drawing I have encountered issues of time, velocity, and motion. As the forms in my drawings began to suggest domed, hermetic environments, science fiction and architectural elements emerged. These discoveries have led me into unexpected terrain such as astronomy, molecular biology, and physics. These are subjects of which I have no detailed knowledge or understanding, but rather an intuitive grasp of associative visual vocabularies – allowing me to craft my own personal universe through the transformational act of drawing.

In my more recent work, I am searching for a personal pictorial language to concretize memory, dreams, and felt experience. My subconscious is allowed to play an integral role in the mark-making process. Automatic gesture, immediate impulse, experiment and chance become important elements in my personal response to materials. Paintings and drawings are cut, torn and recycled as collage elements in an ongoing , open-ended dialogue between impulse and refinement.

Michael Mullaney 2007

Paul Chatem

Emily Eibel

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

R.I.P. Sydney Pollack

Andrew Degraff

Ilana Kohn

Born and raised right outside the nation’s capitol, Ilana later moved to Brooklyn, NY where she attended Pratt Institute, graduating with a BFA in Communication Design/Illustration. Ilana currently remains in lovely Fort Greene Brooklyn where she works full time as an Illustrator alongside several chickens & a peach tree.

Pillip Fivel Nessen

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meg Hunt

Krista Huot

Krista Huot was born and raised in northern British Columbia, Canada. It was during this childhood that she developed an obsession for fairy tales, cartoons, and coloring books. Krista has an education in both fine arts and classical animation and has worked in the animation industry on projects for Cartoon Network and Disney. She takes influence from antique dolls, storybooks with worn golden spines, the ballet lessons she took growing up, and the unicorn posters her Mom put up in her bedroom when she was very small. She lives in Montreal, Quebec and refuses to grow up.

Amy Casey

2 Fish Illustration

Dennis Hayes lV

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tiffany Bozic

Kinsey/DesForges is proud to present new paintings by San Francisco-based artist Tiffany Bozic. Bedtimes Stories will be her third solo with the gallery.

A careful observer of the natural world, Bozic's ability to capture and translate the graceful, complex and organic order of her surroundings - at times allegorically - remains one of the most salient aspects of her poignant work.

In this latest series, she applies her trademark stains of acrylic washes to the natural grain of maple panel to render resonant stories based on observations in her travels and research while an artist-in-residence at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, where she helped establish the residency program in 2007.

View the captivating short film by Todd Bell highlighting Tiffany's thoughts and process-link above (film posted via Fecal Face)

KD Gallery- here.


Final weekend – HEADSetera closes this Sunday May 25

HEADSetera, an intimate show of heady interplay between three artists, Peter Drake, Laurence Hegarty andMark Mennin.

**Please note hours Thurs-Sunday 12-6pm

Jack the Pelican Presents
487 Driggs Aveunue (bet N. 9 and N. 10)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn



MAY 17 through JUNE 14, 2008
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 17, 6-9pm

Tangled Tales, a new show opening May 17th, features new work by Saelee Oh in the main gallery, and Real Deep Thoughts, a mixed media installation by Drew Beckmeyer in the project room.

Saelee Oh's Tangled Tales is a collection of paintings and sculptural explorations of the sorrows and hopes brought on by love. Oh invents rich imaginary worlds ruled by mythic creatures and flora, as experienced from the eyes of a female protagonist. Inspired by folk arts, organic forms, and vintage children's books, Oh creates multi-layered works by integrating traditional painting and drawing with three-dimensional paper cut-outs. Tangled Tales is Oh's first solo show at Tinlark Gallery.

Running concurrently in the project room is Real Deep Thoughts, a solo show by Art Center graduate Drew Beckmeyer. Applying his finely attuned observational skills, Beckmeyer attempts to comprehend the societal ritual known as Spring Break.

Parking available in the Crossroads of the World lot on Las Palmas. Kids' crafts from 6-7:30.

Please contact Cris McCall at 323.463.0039 for further information.

Brian Willmont

Park Life presents Feudal Echo, new works by Brian Willmont and Alex Lukas.

May 9th to June 8th, 2008

Opening Reception Friday May 9th from 7 to 10pm.

Park Life is proud to present new paintings from Brian Willmont and Alex Lukas. Both artists are members of Philidelphia's Space 1026 artist collective.

Brian Willmont's work builds on the new American folktale with Technicolor paintings that are tarnished with American history, Pre-Renaissance and Persian miniature painting, worship, dreamscapes, blacklight posters, and the fantastic.

His work has been featured in Solo Exhibitions at Space 1026, LaMontagne Gallery, and The Mills Gallery. Brian Willmont received his BFA with Honors from the Massachusetts College of Art in 2007.

Alex Lukas' current work explores images of the destruction of the American landscape. Inspired by contemporary imagery in various media including blockbuster movies and the evening news where there is a dominance of images alluding to the story of an America destroyed. His fictitious drawings are more obscure than narrative, paralleling real life, meant to be slightly confusing while hinting at a sense of unease and anxiety.

Alex Lukas has shown at galleries all over the world and is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design.

Dave MacDowell

Wilson Hsu

"Hey what's up:) pretty much from LA, born in Brazil. Grew up in Walnut..... After that spent 2 1/2 years back in Brazil....gained some life experience.... headed back to so-cal....attended my BA in arts 2003. Ever since, just been freelancing and painting.-->"

Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch-New Esty Store