Friday, May 09, 2008

Drew Beckmeyer

Wanted to let you know about Drew Beckmeyer's upcoming solo show, REAL DEEP THOUGHTS, opening Saturday, May 17, 6-9pm at Tinlark Gallery in Hollywood, CA.

Drew's works on paper and mixed media installations will be on view in our project room through June 14th.

Drew's Statement:

For some time, my drawings have focused on things that I don’t understand. For me, they exist as a sort of learning experience or a way to form a personal perspective on a subject. A way to identify with something I normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to, or wouldn’t want to.

In the past, I’ve tried to draw through various scientific phenomena via dissection, myth, research, spirituality, and things I thought were funny. Scientific phenomena were definitely beyond my level of initial understanding. In the same way, so is Spring Break, which is the technically unseen event that my new drawings kind of satellite around. I’ve always ignored the ritual, maybe with the hopes that it would just go away. At any rate, I’ve no interest in making judgments with my art. I do that enough in the living part of my life. This is me doing my best to come to an understanding. This is my outstretched hand. The new pieces tend to stem from the ideas of self-discovery through practiced and communal excess, abandonment as rejuvenation, common attempts at transcendence and foam parties.

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