Friday, May 06, 2011

Jolly B 13 Show at Illiterate Gallery

Illiterate presents Jolly B 13, a group exhibition of thirteen well established artists whose works range from contemporary folk and outsider art to highly graphic forms and pop surrealism. Guest curated by artist Jeremy "THINKMULE" Pruitt, this numerically driven assemblage is to him "a celebration of the diversity of art". The numeric title of the show reflects Pruitt's personal affinity for the symbolic value of digits apparent in his own practice. In this case his attention turned towards the number 13 and the contentious associations it contains. As an object of superstition, it has captivated people of many beliefs for millennia and evoked a range of connotations in mythology depending on the cultural reference.

Jolly B 13 is an exhibition of artists who through their varied associations will playfully contribute additional perspectives to this most polarizing prime number. From uninhibited primitive representation and expressively grotesque subject matter to delicately polished and meticulous renderings of strange fantasies, this eclectic collection begs consideration in its juxtaposition of approaches to object making. Whether a skeptic or a believer, the inherent meaning between this body of work, like that of the number 13, will certainly remain in the eye of the beholder.

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