Friday, July 25, 2008

The Chemistry Designs-Andy Dixon

I am a free lance graphic designer from Vancouver, Canada. I have been involved in visual arts since elementary school when my friends and I would make comics and draw on my bedroom wall. I did not attend art school, save for 2 night classes on painting at a community college. Instead, I landed a job in the graphic design field a year after I graduated secondary school, and I worked there for 7 years.

My introduction into graphic design was at around age twelve, when the punk band I was in needed t-shirts, albums covers, stickers etc. designed, and I was elected. Gradually I started picking up "clients": people in other DIY punk bands that saw my "work" and wanted me to do their tape covers. This snowballed into what I have today.

I am also heavily involved in the Vancouver music scene. I currently create experimental electronic music under the moniker, Secret Mommy, and I play guitar and vocals in my newest creative outing, Winning. I also run a fledgling record label specializing in the more obscure forms of pure artistic expression. The links for these can be found to the right!

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