Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Marvelous Collective

Buon Giorno! THE MARVELOUS COLLECTIVE is a group of diverse individual talents focused in a collaborative effort of developing vision and art practice through a myriad of aesthetic projects and commercial endeavors. MARVELOUS artists come from many different backgrounds. Joey is a babydaddy. Jared used to live in a shack. Arne is the world’s only sock monkey photographer. OK, so maybe two dudes and a sock monkey doesn’t really qualify as a viable “group” but all three of them love art, music and a good story. Joey is a rocker, or he at least plays one on TV. Without Joey we would only be “the mediocre collective.” Jared doesn’t watch TV. He is the hip counter-culture guy in the “group,” the one with the most talent, the raw genius. He is also the best looking, and he wrote this. Arne is a sock monkey and because his mouth is sewn shut he doesn’t say much but boy, can he make pictures. He also somehow finds the means to eat a crapload of bananas. So, come see us; Arne will share a banana with you and maybe, just maybe, Jared will go halfsies with you on a fudge round or oatmeal cream pie.

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