Monday, August 11, 2008

Brad Howe

Brad Howe is originally from Sydney, Australia.
He relocated to Amagasaki, Japan (10 minutes out of Osaka)
in November 2001 to pursue a career in freelance illustration.
In 2005 he completed postgraduate study in graphic design at RMIT in Melbourne,
and has since returned to Japan to continue illustrating.

Brad hopes to continue improving and developing his work.
He contributes to magazines and works on various freelance projects,
including t-shirt designs, album covers and live painting at music events.
A big music fan, he hopes to work on more music related projects in the future.
His influences include Vaughn Bode, Barry McGee, Ian Johnson, James Blagden,
M.Sasek,Wayne Pate, Die (Jazzy Sport), Milton Glaser, David Haire and
many music greats from the past and present.

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