Monday, August 11, 2008

Square America Book-Who We Were

After a year of work it's finally here- Who We Were: A Snapshot history of America- a collaboration between myself, Michael Williams, and Richard Cahan. 350 photos, all taken by amateur photographers, tell the story of America from the 1890s through the early 1970s, literally beginning inside a surry with a fringe on top and ending on the Moon. Of course there's World Wars (two of them!), the Depression, and Civil Rights marches but there's also child brides and criminals, rabbit hunters and rat-catching contests. Click here for a sneak peek. It's going to be a really beautiful book- 240 9"x9" pages printed in duotone & 4 color with spot varnishing on 100 pound paper. Everyone ordering here will receive the deluxe edition which will be signed and come with an genuine vintage snapshot enclosed. **The book has been printed and by all accounts it looks fantastic-- I'm so happy that I'll give anyone who orders before August 15th a free copy of the Square America home movie DVD-R which will feature footage from my home movie collection- everything from a 1927 rodeo to a 1970s nudist beauty pagaent. The DVD is not commercially available so it's sure to be a collector's item!** And remember, any money I see from this book is certain to be pumped right back into Square America so you'll be helping support the site!

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