Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ryan Bubnis-Interview

Full Name: Ryan Michael Bubnis
Nickname: Bubs, Bubsie, Bubsie-faded
Location: Portland, Oregon

So, can you tell me a little about yourself?
Grew up in Gilroy California. Yep, garlic country. Most of my youth was spent skateboarding and listening to punk rock. Later came hip- hop and graffiti. Moved to the Northwest in 97. Been making art as long as I can remember and I see no end in sight.

How do you describe your work?

What's on your desk right now?
Computer, scanner, blank cd’s, coffee cup, some drawings I need to scan, some stickers, my keys, pantone book, The Graphic Artist’s Guild Pricing and Ethical Guidelines handbook, a pencil sharpener, and a motivational to-do list.

What is your creative process? What mediums do you work in and which one do you enjoy the most?
It varies from doing digital illustrations to getting messy in the studio with paint, ink, yarn, pinecones, papier-mâché, sandpaper and what ever else I can get my hands on. I really just enjoy the challenge of working with a lot of different materials. It keeps things fresh and exciting. I love experimenting, just trying to figure things out with new and sometimes foreign objects and materials. Taking every day, non-traditional art materials, placing them in a new context and calling them art. Thanks Duchamp!

You seem to have developed a pretty unique style. How did this all come about, or do you even know?
Trial and error. Basically years of experimentation to arrive at something that just feels right. I like to keep reinventing myself, taking risks, trying new things. Trying hard to not get stuck on one thing for too long. Stale, one trick pony’s bore me.

Do you have a favorite piece you have created? Why is it your favorite?
My favorite piece is the one I will create tomorrow or even a year from now.

I will say the work I did for my, “Where The Good Thoughts Grow,” exhibition at Perihelion Arts earlier this year had to be the show I am most proud of thus far. I really pushed myself both conceptually and technically. I incorporated drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations throughout the exhibition space. Nowadays I’m really into the idea of transforming the space as opposed to just hanging 2 dimensional paintings on a gallery wall. I really focused on the body of work as a whole and the overall presentation of the exhibition. Now I want to take my experience from that show and use it to push myself even further. When a gallery or exhibition space gives you complete trust and creative freedom it’s a great feeling.

What do you want to achieve with your work?
Sincerity, openness, directness. Connect with the viewer. Art with integrity.

Picasso, Miro, Baselitz, The Mission School, Outsider and Folk art

What products, prints, books etc do you have coming out this year or are out?
I have a 16 piece mini toy series coming out with Kidrobot at the end of October, a bunch of new prints that will be featured in my shop, a new zine, as well as some other surprises.

Do you keep a sketchbook? How often do you draw in it?
Yep, all the time.

Future plans?
Travel, art, keep on keeping on and enjoying life.

To all my friends! Thinkmule! Thanks dude!

Favorite band(s)?
Oh man, so many. Currently I’m diggin the new Calexico, Talkdemonic, and The Shaky Hands.

Favorite thing to do when you aren't doing art?
Eating, BBQ-ing, cooking, playing games such as bocce, badmiton, croquet, going to shows, camping. Hanging out with my wife.

Favorite books, magazines, blogs....?
Any and all books on art history. New American Painters, Juxtapoz, Portland Monthly. Fecal Face.

Thanks Ryan!!!