Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dieter war (1937-2005)

Dieter war was born 1937 in Lindau. It belongs to the strongest and at the same time most self-willed painters of its generation. It studied with HAP Grieshaber at the Karlsruher academy and excited in the 60's-years already by the radical Gestus of its painting attention. Together with refuge Antes and walter Stoehrer ranked war among the representatives of the new Figuration, which set the representation of the human figure at this time to the prevailing Primat against of abstraction; everyone did not do this in its way, it gave education. 1966 received Dieter war for its up to the indiscernibility tied and bind-acted to body representations the German price of the youth in Baden-Baden. (translation by babelfish)

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