Saturday, April 05, 2008

Jeanne Cassanova

Jeanne paints intricate worlds that are at once fantastical and uncannily familiar. Growing up in New Orleans around Mardi Gras, Catholicism, and hurricanes made her aware of the fragile relationship between the alluring and the repulsive. The painter seeks to harness this power to draw people in and fascinate them with the unpleasant. The outlined figures that Cassanova layers with colorful bursts of resin, glitter, beads, and flamboyant decorative patterns are taken from photos she had collected of dollar-store shoppers, game-show contestants, and other exemplary citizens of our saturated world. These people mirror our experience of shopping, watching television, and hungering for the abject beauty and manufactured desires to be attained therein. Influenced by both Pop art and Surrealism, her bewitching, hypercaffeinated dreamscapes entice us like a shiny shelf of trinkets laid out in a display case and invite us to invent stories about what is taking place there.

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