Thursday, April 10, 2008

Two new books @ Kaugummi

34 pages, black and white printed - 14 x 21 cm
cover printed on inkonorex 250 gr, inside printed on grey paper

Frederic Fleury and Laurent Plessiet live in Dunkerque, France. The first one run with Emmanuelle Pidoux a publishing house called editions of 57, and is one of the founder of the famous Frederic Magazine collective. The second one is close to the first one, made books for Fleury's publishing house, and appeared in Frederic Magazine first book and website. These two artists take a new look on the common perception of drawing, questioning this medium continuously.

For this book, they drawn jointly 36 black and white drawings, blending marvelly their different styles, which appear perfectly supplementary.

90 pages, black and white printed - 14 x 21 cm + poster 29 x 42 cm
cover printed on curious particle 250 gr, inside printed on cyclus 115gr, poster on cyclus 170gr

Kikifruit is a french contemporary artist, from Paris, France. After a bunch of selfpublished books, he appeared in first Frederic Magazine book, and made a marvelous silkscreened book for the german publishing house Bon Goût. His art deals with some recurrents matters has lesbian girls, cute animals and strange architecture. He also makes music for Cartilage Records.

For this book, he mades 90 pages of black and white drawings. He offers us this time his famous and amazing lesbian girls and dolphins lost in the deep and dark punition's island.

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