Thursday, September 04, 2008

Bundy Boys by Colin Johnson

From Colin:

Listen up all you little Hulksters, Hulk Hogan's old nemesis King Kong Bundy has made his way to my studio and been customized in a series of 22 "one of a kind" vinyl figures!! They've all been sprayed with specialty vinyl paints from Japan and then painted over with various patterns and designs by yours truly. Each figure comes in it's own bag with header card. And each header card is signed and numbered (again by your truly) on the back. Be sure to check out the numerous photos detailing figures being offered in this set. And if you're interested in purchasing one of these rare gems you can click here:

Also, you can click on the pics of the individual toys in this set a and find a link below the picture that will take you directly to that figure's purchase page.

You can also hit "All Sizes" on the individual pages to see a larger detail shot.

Now get out there and check em' out!! Don't force me to have to body slam you!!! Oh, and thanks for taking a look!

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