Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nate Williams-Interview

Full Name:
Nate Williams
Nickname: n8w
Location: Buenos Aires

So, can you tell me a little about yourself? full name, some backround info, etc
I love life. I am a curious. I am an optimist. I like being in new environments and learning about new things.

How did you get started doing art?
I don't really know .. I have been making art ever since I can remember .. I think ever since I was young I like things that allowed me to create new things .. whether it be legos, a pen or a piano

Describe your creative process.
The creative process from commissioned work vs. personal work is very different .. with commissioned work .. I get the assignment .. take a notepad .. and take the subway around the city, sit on park benches, take random buses etc .. this is my way of brainstorming .. and by putting myself in new environments .. I think of different analogies/ideas for the assignment.. come back .. post the super rough pencil sketches online .. the client .. picks an idea .. or gives feedback and then I create the final piece.

With personal work .. I have moods .. sometimes I feel like making music .. sometimes I feel like painting .. sometimes I feel like programming or learning a new medium (currently video stuff) .. My personal stuff is usually more about playing and discovery .. rarely do I have a grandiose Idea that I just need to execute.

Tools of the trade? Favorite medium?
India ink, sharpie markers, photocopy machines, textures, photoshop, silkscreen

How do you describe your work?
Bold, curious, simple, influence by other cultures

What products, prints, books etc do you have coming out this year or are out?
here is something that just came out

What inspires you?
music, big cities, exercise, new environments, jungles, deserts, sky, lightning storms, connecting with people, good food, getting drunk every once in awhile with a good friend, night, sky scrappers, good view

What's on your desk/workspace right now?
Stereo, pens, pencils, computer, eraser, dice, cell phone, medical tape, books, calculator, wacom tablet, lamp, my elbows

Any words of wisdom for young artist?
Listen to yourself, avoid debt, travel, don't worry you'll be alright

What is one thing every artist should do in your opinion to become a better artist?
Travel .. live in another country, have experiences, be adventurous, be curious, discover

Do you keep a sketchbook? How often do you draw in it?
Yes .. but I usually drawn on blank sheets of paper on a clip board .. I like to be able to move things around easier. I draw pretty frequently.. not so much to improve my drawing skills .. but more to remember ideas I come up with

Favorite band(s)?
Modest Mouse – always
Currently listening to DMX, Arcade Fire, The Editors

Favorite artist(s)?
To many to mention … but currently digging:
for the rest check out:

Favorite thing to do when you aren't doing art?
Brazilian Jiu jitsu, running, people watching, walking through the city, having sex, eating good food, laughing with friends, hanging out with my son and wife, sushi, taking my dog for walks, watching blooper videos on youtube

Favorite books, magazines, blogs....?
Farside by Gary Larson .. anything funny

What do you have coming up, projects, shows, etc?
I am going to give a lecture in a remote part of argentina .. I am stoked to take a road trip through a small foreign town

Ultimate Goals?
enjoy life

I give a shout out to my son .. he's cracks me everyday .. here is a video of him doing funny stuff as always

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